Friday, February 28, 2014

SPQ days out!

February 24th 2014

SPQ. S* Pumb Queen. You can define the S* part as you wish. If you love us, you can fill it with Strawberry, Special, Sisters, Star, Shiny or whatever. If you hate us you can fill it with S*ck, Silly or something like that. SPQ is a name for my lovely "girl gank" sinca senior high school. Thx God we are still contact each others even we have our own business in college, so... now when we were all graduated and had our own work, we still meet up when we have time. My SPQ consist of Me, Bella, Ariya and Anna ( Mommy). Bella and Ariya work in Jakarta. I had some occasion on Monday, so we decided to meet up on Sunday. I arrived at Bella's boardinghouse on Sunday morning by train. (this was my first time took a journey by train to Jakarta kekeke). We were so happy since that was the first time we gathered together as SPQ in Jakarta. Minus Mommy of course :( she still had campuss affairs that time :( 

We decided to go to Grand Indonesia. While waiting for Ariya, Bella and Me got this couple bracelet. Love it!

Ariya was coming to town! She was from Bogor , met her boyfriend (?) :p

We were all hungry, so we decided to go to Marche. A restaurant which take a concept from Swiss traditional food market. The way we ordered was moving from one booth to another and took our own meals and drinks. Obvously we took our selfie to kill time waiting these foods :)

Galeri Indonesia Kaya was the next place to go. Once again, obviously, we took alot of photos!
Virtual Gamelan. Its so meee Its so my major. This Galeri using a lot of AR (Augmented Reality) to introduce Indonesian culture to the young generation. Very nice try, I think.

Excuse my weird pose, please...

What a day, after some shopping and window shopping, we had our yoghurt shake and then... went home. I had an important occasion the next day, and my two girls need to work. Thx for accompany me all this time my SPQ! :*

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