Thursday, April 3, 2014

Go For It - We Love Monday 's Fourth Single

Kindly check, listen, and download our new song, "Go For It"

We (me and other personils) were having a long distance relationship. So, we just practice once and straight after that we recorded it. Check it out..

We Love Monday - GO FOR IT
There's a star I've been aimed for
Steal back the old dream in the past
creating wonderful imagination
making it as a way to climb up
I know, how cruel this world is
I am falling but still have the guts to keep me standing, believe there's a light, i believe there's a beautiful ending
I stand right up here, bravely
Ready for the real journey
I let you fly, i let you fly my dreams
Flying high, flying high to sky
It's because us, and me, and you to go for it
I let you fly, i let you fly my hope
Flying far, and beat the world
It's bcause us,and me,and you to GO FOR IT
When night, when you stare, at the sky, look at star Theres a shine on your eyes
Even far, the shine still bright for us
then compare with yourself
Your shine with all the stars
Could you make it
Could you make it
Could you make it brighter?