Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oh My Graduation! (university-graduation) #latepost

January 30th 2014

University Garduation was held two days after faculty graduation. Somehow sad because my Dad couldn't accompany me and Mom that time. He had some meeting that he couldn't left. I worried if I couldn't have memories as a picture as much as iI had in faculty graduation. xoxo. But, thx God my uncle cancelled his class and decided to accompany me and Mom, So he made these photos.

Wearing this "ling-ling" for this graduation :p

Beloved uncle who taught me a lot bout mathematics. Om BBS.

With Nanda and Lydong. The most rempong girl in PSMT. Also my partner for faculty graduation quartet (minus gita). I really love them and obviously gonna miss them, a lot!

Me and the crowd.

Me profile. You can find what I fought for the previous years.

Especially given for my Mom.

Edith, greatest singer and conductor at PSMT. She gave me flower and a bar of chocholate from her and David ( ex-PSMT Leader), he couldn't came because of his work. Thx guys, I love you!

Computer Enginerring Mates, they were really kind and warm hearted friends. I love you Hayu and Kak Yos!

Accidentaly met these beautiful girl, Annis and Melo.

After party lunch at SimSix.

Bonus Picture, Mom with her toga! haha. x,x

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