Thursday, February 27, 2014

An old-new friend.

February 14th 2014

Where did you celebrate your valentine day? With whom? Me? Even I'm single, I know where must I go, and with whom I must go. :D I have a bestfriend in college named Iqbal, he's from Palembang. His girlfriend studied Dentistry at UNSRI Palembang. Soooo... they had such a long distance relationship. And Wina, sometimes did a monitoring system through me :p After that long distance bestfriendship, finally I could meet her in this beautiful valentine day. First, I'm affraid that we will be awkward since we never met each other before, we just chatting and talking bout anything via whatsapp, bbm , or line. But, when I met her, everything going smooth. She is such a cheerfull and easy going person, we can get along very well though that was the first time we met.Wine came with her two bestfriends, Sonya and Icha. Just like Wina, they are very humble and easy going too. We had our dinner at The Hill resto, did karaoke at Inul Vista and visit Lawang Sewu to fulfill their curiosity. Very nice to meet you girls! See you when I see you, mates!

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