Thursday, February 27, 2014

Oh My Graduation! (latepost)

January 30th 2014

I really jet lag right now. Last monday and yesterday I surrounded by the euforia of graduation, happiness with my family, a lot of friends come to congratulate me and gave some gift, took a lot of photo, enjoy every moment, I love this moment... but right now, I'm sitting alone in my desk, in front of my computer in this small office, surounded by the voice of DOTA game and the rhythm some officer made from their keyboard and mouse.

Yes God, this is the reality, I'm gonna face this work day by day without thinking about my skripsweet and campuss-affairs anymore, and I thank God for that. I also can manage my online shop more after this. Once more, thx God for this ending, it really a beautiful ending. And this ending is too beautiful for it not to be shared.

I sang in my graduation. Yes, this was my last perform as university student. So happy that me, lydia , nanda, and gita can Join a quartet for this graduation. I took the solo part for the first bait for "Mengejar Matahari" and "Hebat" songs. The bait just touch my heart since you can hear me sing like his 
"Disini ada satu kisah, cerita tentang anak manusia.
Menantang hidup bersama. Mencoba menggali makna cinta."
Those lyric really reflect my college life for four years. I learn a lot, learn about life and love.

While singing, I gave a bouquet of flower to Bapak Dekan and then the applause came along. Such an honour.

Thx Dad for such a beautiful memories you took from your camera.

I asked my Daddy to take a photo of me here. Why? This stage was the stage I love. The stage that I used to perform with PSMT (Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Teknik), for another people graduation.

Once, I refused Dad for taking a photo here. But Daddy told me, "This is your almamater."

A friend of mine.

Finally, my Daddy came out on photo! Yeay! xoxo

Got those cuttie cupcakes from my twins. (people told me)

Got beautiful mug from PMK FT.

Couple necklace with sister.

The bridge I used to pass for going to college.

Daddy love candid. Excuse my ugly face. ughhh.

Daddy failed to candid.

My fave lecturer while the other kids not really into him. hehe.

Who was the person that request us to put our hands up? Yes, my Dad.

Lovely hair done by Mas Tofa.

Thx God.

Graduation gift :)

Computer System Engineering Diponegoro University, batch 2009, January Period.

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