Thursday, February 27, 2014

How sweet my band is!

February 10th 2014

Before graduation, me and my band , WeLoveMonday, have record our new song titled "Go For It". After Recording, while waiting the music engineer finish editing, I was kepo-ing UP instagram account. With their curiousity my member did a sneak peek and ask me which shoes I like most. Fluently, I mention all the shoes I want. keke. and.... at February 10th, after tiring work that day, I arrived at my boarding room, shocked by a package which said "Cheer Up! Your shoes have arrived!". I was really happy that time. I opened it carefully and found flowery shoes inside. Yes, my lovely band gave it to me as a late graduation gift. wohoooo, first thing in mind was wore it and post it to my instagram account. Remember that I must say thanks, so I tag and mention them at these photos. Thanks Arkie, Bambang, Jeki. I love monday and I love WeLoveMonday!