Tuesday, December 25, 2012

DYLA 2012 (Danamon Young Leaders Award 2012)

Tanggal 12 Desember dapet pengumuman lolos DYLA (Danamon Young Leadership Awards) 2012. Dan menjalani program tersebut pada tanggal 16 Desember-21 Desember di Bogor. Udah tempatnya adem, makan terjamin (hahhha) , dapet banyak banget ilmu dan pengalaman dan pastinya dapet very great new friends. Walaupun cuma bentar tapi berarti dan berkesan banget. Sampai akhirnya perpisahan di Cimory sedih ampe tumpe tumpe deh :(

Day 0, very first gathering :)

Day 0, very first dinner 

Day 1, strength finder by Mr, Josef Bataona. really inspiring

DVN frame photo (DVN is medsoc internal Danamon)

with Mr. Josev Bataona and Danamon's crew

one of DYLA's participan was having his birthday in Day 1 . Happy Birthday Abdul!

Day2, Aerobic time with such a HOT instructor :D

Day 2, tried answering question hahaha

Heading to puncak! LOL

Day 3 , morning walk

Enjoy the nature before doin the project huffft
Dormitory's room
Day 4 , Project presentation with Peter and Irma

the Third team wit Abdul, Peter, Sam and Irma

uuuu the last day, cedihnya :( with Ninda, Irma, and Jessy. will be missing you girls :(

Farewell party, Cimory

I really hope that I can meet them again in another good occasion or opportunity. miss you fellas :')

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