Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jazz Traffic Festtival

Gmorning Wednesday! I'm just lil bit tired with this routine. dont know exactly why, but it feels so weak lately. :( hmmm where's my spirit? that's why I write this post early morning, maybe it can bring my spirit back :D 

okey, lets post something late. last saturday I went to JazzTrafficFestival at balaikota Semarang. I went there with my friends bella (also my roommate), iva (you can call her susi sometimes :p) and ramping. we went in the same major, Enginnering, but the three of them were Chemical Engineering speciality, and Computer System was my speciality. susi and I went to the same organization PSMT (Engineering Choir). while in the venue we met many friends. such as my drummer jacky and his girlfriend and many more. acctually I'm not "jazz freak". I only wanna watch Maliq and d' essentials there. and you know what? I've got  a place straight in front of them. whether its festival, but I really enjoyed it, I could saw them clearly, their face,their act while in stage. uuuuu amazing! awesome! and these are some photos from JazzTrafficFestival.. taken by Bella's smartphone :p

nice photobooth!

 let's the narcizm blowin up! :D

great perform by Maliq & d'Essentials <3 td="td">

backlight picture after the show ;)
magic! after write this post I got my spirit back hahhaha! have a great day :)

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