Sunday, June 28, 2015


Here comes my period, and it makes me become very sensitive  of everything. Hehe.

Every people has their own special things that everybody can see. But, I don't think that every person knows what their unique side is. Everybody judge every people for their flaws, but they don't exactly know the reality of their judgement.

Besides, every people has a secret love, secret worry, secret fear, that maybe, nobody knows. Only that people who exactly know what they're thinking about, what the most thing they're afraid of. Sometimes, they just speak it up to God, and their own self.

We can't understand every people heart and what's on their mind. Even every extrovert people talk about their self easily, they still have their own secret.

People just need to be loved, they deserve for someone who can understand every word that they don't even tell. Hear every word they don't want to hear. See them cry for nothing. That's it.

That would be great if you have that people with you and that people must be a good lovers of you.

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