Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Greatest Achievement??

Acctually , all good things I’ve accomplished in my life are my achievement. Because I struggle to reach it out. The bad things become a lesson for me to not do it again in the following days. Passed from the most favorite State Junior High School in Salatiga with good mark, and then I continue my study to the most favorite State Senior High School in Salatiga too. Passed from high school, I went to Diponegoro University, Engineering Faculty, Major Computer System Engineering. That’s all accordance to what my parents expected. Make my parents proud is another happiness when I succeed doing something good. Another personal achievement , I can control myself and stay in line with God when many problems came up. Sometimes when we had a problem, the bad external factor seduce us to go to the wrong way. But when I just stay in line with God and I believe that God will show me the way, I think it can be a self achievement.
How I accomplish that achievement? Do it and pray. My mom always said to me “Take the opportunity in front of you, work hard on it, pray, and surrender to Lord”. That’s how I make it.
I consider it as my greatest achievement because I think I’ve been done my greatest effort to gain it. My life is never flat, many problems indeed. The only one who struggle, the only one who can see the problems in many prespective, they will survive. I can stand strong until now, I can survive, is the gtreatest achievement.

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