Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jere's day.

February 09th 2014

It was beautiful day getting along with my double family. We decided to go to "Wisata Apung Kampung Rawa" (Ambarawa, Semarang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia). Actually Jeremi birthday was on February 7th, but we celebrate it on Sunday. Jere was so happy to try a lot of vehicle there, and.. you know.. I'm a kind of victim here. Could you imagine how hard to control this small pedicab?? pfftt...

Having lunch in this floating gazebo.

Had some miss communication with Jeremi. He named this vehicle = bubble.

Excuse this skin color contrast. :(

Yeeeay! We would ride that traditional boat around Rawa Pening.

They were so happy. Oh kiddoo.
Some karamba in the middle of Rawa Pening. Native People of Banyubiru, Ambarawa, Tuntang and its surrounding made this karamba to drag out the fish. Some of them made this karamba for their permanent workplace.

We were in the middle of Rawa Pening and get ready to turn back. The wind was blowing so strong that time. Jemi moved backward to avoid it. Also those two "mentel" girls. :D

See? Such a beautiful scenery, right? Explore your beautiful local tourism before going to another beautiful places. Enjoy!

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