Thursday, January 23, 2014


hello again blog. actually i feel unhappy unmood uneasy today. urrghhhh. having this unstable mood just made my day not so productive. besides, my body still warm because some treatment last night.

btw. this bad mood caused by my daddy's unique attitude towards my graduation next monday. pffft why he made something simple to be more simple? its good but not that simple as you thought. 

whatever, im still in love with my dad. in case to forget that he ruined my day, i'll post some photos he took for me last sunday. thank you dad. *madness kiss*

dress : j.rep
necklace and bow : adam & eve
clutch : polo
heels : connexion

hat : dope
necklace : adam & eve
shortpants-skirt - avenue
tube : cik un handmade
heels : connexion

taken by : Ir. Heru Pratignyo
location : home sweet home

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